Day 31 / Year 49 :::

One month later. So, where are my thoughts today?

Pondering elements of faith. Defining faith in a society that scoffs at the Divinity and Humanity of Christ; while elevating Self to realms that are intrinsically non self-sustaining, does prove challenging.

We humans have a rapacious appetite for:

– self-fulfillment

– self-centredness

– self-reproach

– self-aggrandizement

– self-conciousness

– self-righteousness

Being this self focussed , you would think that we would be oblivious to anyone around us on the planet! The irony of course is that this self-absorption is a result of our being influenced by others outside of ourselves.

The Original Outside Influencer
Take the Garden of Eden. The serpent makes a bold claim that man can be just like God. No need for dependence or reliance on Him. You make your own destiny baby! The world is your oyster! Funny enough Adam probably just finished naming this critter. Now the oyster became his world, thereby forfeiting his authority over the planet.

Gene Splicing
Now that the serpentine entity planted a seed of rebellion in man, it now becomes easier to reproduce it on a grander scale. Sin is self-replicating. It feeds on itself and regurgitates spiritual genetic coding that is exponential in it’s growth pattern. Sort of like a multi-headed Hydra. Having abdicated our original responsibility, man became subject to the spiritual DNA of rebellion’s offspring.

Everybody…Out of the Pool!
Who would have thought that we humans would be given the opportunity to exchange old worn out genes for new ones.

We became spiritual test tube babies! While Robert Edwards (no relation) may have received the Nobel Peace Prize for In Vitro Fertilization, the concept preceded him by several millenia. But let us understand something first. In Vitro means outside the body. Christ existed “outside the body” before He was born to a virgin. Because of our belief in His birth, death and resurrection we are “born again” .

Our gene pool contains brand new spiritual DNA. We are not servants; we are His brothers and sisters and we share a common Father with Him. Our bloodline is pure! We are co-heirs with Christ.

The enemy will always try to throw self-doubt at your feet. Enough of self!

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding…[your way of thinking…your preconceived notions…your…self]…..Proverbs 3: vs 5 (paraphrasing mine).