So, it is sunny out and the temperature is forecast to climb to a comfortable 20C today. A perfect day to see if I still know how to shift gears on the bike. The battery has been charged up from Winter’s icy grip and all lights show green.

The time has come to insert the key in the ignition; turn it and be welcomed once again with headlights coming on, along with that oh so familiar and highly anticipated Summer-inviting hydraulic whine, indicating the fuel pump is happily pushing fuel to the front of the line in order to partake of Spring’s first ignition spark.

But..Hark! There be no sound coming forth from said fuel pump! Methinks I mis-heard. Once again, but this time with a firm twist of the key.

Zip. Nada. Nuttin’.

So, you stare at the offending gauges with a stern expression on your face, as if that would bolster motivation in a vehicle that has been cold-soaked for the past 6 months.

It is said that there is always a silver lining wherever clouds are formed, but much to my chagrin, a supposedly charged battery that refuses to comply with the principles of combustion on a warm Spring day, does not seem to care that this bright, blue April sky, is totally devoid of any clouds.