After a rough night of fitful sleep, you awaken and look outside the bedroom window with bleary, sleep-deprived eyes to gaze upon sun-drenched autumn foliage, colourfully contrasted against a bright blue sky. A part of you acknowledges and (reluctantly) welcomes nature’s wardrobe change; but there is a sense that change has been underway in you as well from several seasons past. It just now happens to be coming into stark relief as you ponder what has transpired over the past year to this moment.

One of the hardest things a man may find himself struggling with is how best to bring his mind into submission. Arresting errant thoughts and soul-leeching notions of how things seem, versus how things really are about himself, as well as others in and outside his sphere of influence. That is the crux of the matter. What you see and perceive compared to what is reality and truth. You would think that the two positions would be mutually exclusive. Things can get outright fuzzy when the human mind is left to its own predilections.

As he interacts with those around him, he occasionally glimpses irritation, impatience, and in rare moments, disdain in their eyes. Interestingly, he does not hold that against them, as he too has directed the very same emotions toward himself. After all, has there not been many opportunities and sufficient time to get one’s act together? This of course cycles right back into his filtered perception of things, versus the truth of what is real.

Much has been taught and written throughout history about what it takes to become a man. Aspects of living out a life that fills him with challenge, hope, destiny and purpose. Where does a man find the inner fortitude to persevere when challenges become crushing weights? When hope turns into despair and destiny looks like a shimmering far-off mirage, how does one reconcile having a purpose for existing, when hope’s elusiveness seems to be a cruel joke with a hidden punch line?

Some men embrace extreme sports to challenge themselves physically and mentally. Some volunteer in the military where similar challenges are involuntarily thrust upon them. Others attempt to scale the corporate ladder, while others find satisfaction in creating large or intricate structures with their hands. Invariably, these types of men have innate gifts and talents that allow for the expression and implementation of the aforementioned endeavours; but what about those men who are not classified as Type A specimens? Are they exempt from the visceral thrill of testing their mettle, while living an exciting life on the edge?

Not every man is expected to be a SEAL Team Commando, but no less important is the fact that ALL men deserve to be fulfilled in life; even when life seems unfulfilling.

John 10: vs10 – I’ve come that they may have life, and have it abundantly
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