By the time you read this I would have crossed over a threshold that seems to hold mystique for some; dread for others. Not to cause any consternation; I do plan to continue breathing after the crossover.

As time passages, event horizons and memories continue, quantifying time somehow becomes more important to me. Although this can be difficult, it is sometimes easier to attempt this in snapshots. Although these do not constitute the full extent of my life’s paradigms, I have chosen some of the more indelible and life-changing ones.

  • 50 years ago, I entered this sphere of existence. In actuality I hid out of sight for 9 months before actually making my grand appearance. OK..maybe I do not remember the actual event, but it still had an impact on me.
  • 33 years ago I emigrated to Canada
  • 27 years ago I became Pilot-In-Command of an aircraft for the first time by taking off and landing a plane solo.
  • 23 years ago my first child was born
  • 22 years ago I got married
  • 20 years ago my second child was born
  • 18 years ago my third child was born
  • 15 years ago my fourth child was born
  • 13 years ago my fourth child passed away
  • 9 years ago was the first time ever to be laid off from a job
  • 3 years ago was the first time riding and owning a motorcycle
  • 2 years ago my eldest graduated from University
  • 11 months ago was the second time ever laid off from a job
  • 3 months ago my youngest graduated from High School

I have been through the requisite self-inquisition, in an attempt to ascertain whether or not I have accomplished anything worthwhile with my life to date. Society expects, no demands that we achieve certain levels of success at intervening stages of our life. When we fail to do so, as measured by the expected standards, or our own, we can set ourselves up for unnecessary disappointment. Yes one can grow cynical with life’s setbacks, but when we realize that setbacks are part of the fabric of life, hopefully we can reconcile the disparities and become better equipped to appreciate the good things that life also offers.

So as I awoke this morning, and before I got out of bed, I was thinking what turning 50 should feel like and what now lay before me. Dreams and aspirations may not all be realized in a person’s lifetime; but that is no reason not to dream or hold fast to hope. Although this is a new threshold for me, I am still coming to the realization that my identity is not in a particular vocation, or necessarily what I do, but how I do whatever I do, as I seek to become who I was created to be.

To all who have extended well wishes and accolades of celebration for this my 50th year, please know that it is with heartfelt gratitude that I receive them. I am blessed to have family, friends, and associates. While I may not have everything that my heart has desired; I certainly have everything my heart needs.

Matt 6:33: But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.