A few days ago I came across this headline:

“Pregnancy from rape, something that God intended to happen, says US Republican candidate Richard Mourdock”

OK, before I jettison myself into that smoldering dimension reserved for tirades and other “righteous states of indignation”, let me just say this: I consider myself conservative in my thinking, but this man has got to get a grip!

Richard Mourdock states:

“I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is that gift from God. And, I think, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”http://www.thestar.com/news/world/uselection/article/1276350–republican-candidate-richard-mourdock-says-rape-something-that-god-intended-to-happen

So how should that statement be objectively interpreted? That God does not care how life comes about?, Or that He intended for that particular pregnancy to happen from rape? Some would argue that there is no difference; that you cannot extricate the two statements.

Let me offer another viewpoint.

God has never, and never will intend for a woman to be raped in order for a child to be conceived. At the same time no child conceived, whether out of wedlock, in a test tube, or by forcible assault on a woman is ever considered an aberation or an “accident” in God’s eyes. Why is it that we humans are so quick to drag God into our sphere of finite logic so as to make questionable attempts at justifying ill-conceived positions? Others would argue that if He knew something heinous was about to happen to an individual, why would He allow it to take place? Again, this reasoning is a vapid attempt to bring God down to our way of thinking.

We oftentimes submit to the self-deluded notion that the universe centres around us and what we fail to realize or remember, (for those who should know better), is that God is not surprised or taken off guard by the insidiousness of our banal and corruptible schemes. Especially the ones that try and define our self importance, or cause harm to others. When horrible things happen to good and vulnerable people, what thoughts would you suppose are going through God’s mind?

“I need that child to come forth. It is too bad about the mother though” or ” My love for both mother and child knows no bounds. How long have I wanted to gather my children under my wings and heal their pain and remove their burdens”

He is not justifying the crime against the woman, but he is justifying His love in spite of the crime. Many would disagree, but it has long been proven that forgiveness allows healing to the sufferer while at the same time releasing them from the bondage of bitterness. Justice should always prevail. Perpetrators do not get off the hook because someone offers forgiveness. Forgiveness is more for the freedom of the victim than it is for the one who caused harm in the first place.

Now before you explode into vitriolic retribution, let me add that God has given us choice and free will. He does not force Himself on us. We are not programmed automatons, but invariably we seem to do exactly that to Him. We have audaciously claimed the right to know better than Him and have relegated him to an archetype that suits our notion of right and wrong. When our actions and words convict us and we are shoved too close to the boundaries of our comfort zones, we push back with (perceived) rational thinking; the kind that allows us to feel less troubled by our choices.

Even though we have the freedom to forgive or not, we must not lose sight of the fact that many have been through horrendous circumstances of hurt and abuse and that to them, even considering the extension of forgiveness is a totally foreign concept. We are to think no less of them, but whereever and whenever possible, accord them continual love and affirmation. This will serve to remind them they are extremely valuable, in spite of any victimization they have undergone. Healing is necessary and will take time, but the challenge is knowing what to do and say that will engender that healing process.

At times we get to choose our own path; other times the choices are forced upon us. However, holding God responsible as a means to bring about our narrow minded desires is a very dangerous course of action to even consider. Even an ant does not know when a boot is about to transform its world view.