Until now, it never entered my mind to ask after your welfare. What with you being Omniscient, Omnipotent and all.

We humans rarely stop to think about how you feel about things. Some wonder if you even feel at all. We tend to project our finite thought processes on you, vainly adhering to the notion that you must think, act and respond like we do.

You get blamed for all manner of things; usually through actions brought about by the very ones who are disparaging your name. Or, if it happens via nature’s natural course, does the unfairly bequeathed title of ‘Act of God’, cause you some level of consternation?

So, how are you today? Really. No, this is not a lead up to asking for help in some ongoing struggle. Although you continually encourage me to seek you out and you graciously help me cast all my cares on you; and for that I am extremely grateful by the way. But for a change, I would like to put aside my seemingly never-ending quest for needs to be met and find out how you are doing.

I could ask how your week has been thus far, but you transcend time and space and are not limited by something as mundane as the days, weeks and months transcribed on a calendar. I could attempt to engage in small talk, a sad human condition that exposes our inherent insecurities and ineffectiveness at connecting in a meaningful manner with others, at least on a spontaneous level. Or I could default to the old (usually male-centric) paradigm by asking what you do for a living, or to pass the time. But, funny enough, in this instance, that may not be such a bad thing. Especially since your résumé includes such accomplishments as; Creator of the Universe and Giver of Life; among others.

Any response from you to our inarticulate and limited, (some would erroneously say pointless) attempts at finding out how you are doing, gives clues as to who you are. We receive a lesson in character recognition. We get a glimpse of your personality and inherent attributes, by your response toward us; inviting us into your Presence. Some would construe that as a revelation. Could it be that you would rather we embrace this overture as the precursor to a meaningful relationship? What better way to know what is really on your heart at any given moment, than to get to know you personally?

We would be surprised to learn that all along, you have been thinking about, planning for, and eagerly anticipating the opportunity to connect with us on a deeper level. What on earth, or in heaven for that matter, would cause you to have such feelings toward us, is indeed a mystery. It’s not as if we are naturally inclined to returning equal amounts of love and affection toward you, as you so freely bestow upon us. But maybe we are too busy looking for qualifiers to justify our inability to just accept your Gift. Freely given. No strings attached. Not so much as a clove hitch, sheep shank or halyard knot in sight; yet we bind ourselves up in unnecessary self-doubt and self-recrimination, because of some false sense of piety and absolution.

So, once again, how are you? Could it be our human condition actually has an impact on how you feel toward us? These carbon-based, dust-infused creations of yours, that participate in ongoing delusions of grandeur and self-importance. Do we actually move your heart? Toward us?

Ahh! That would mean all this is more about you than us. Oh, the irony.

We do not deserve it; can never hope to fully comprehend it; and it is too much to hold inside without having a coronary; but thanks for your Unconditional Love.

So as we experience the gracious removal of myopic filters suffocating our hearts’ view of who you really are, may you, God, have a great space-time continuum type of day! 🙂

Heb 10: 24,25: And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds