While waiting for my daughter’s flight to arrive at Toronto Pearson airport a couple of nights ago, I had an opportunity to witness what was probably one of the best Christmas presents given or received.

A powerfully built, clean shaven young man with a military bearing, came out of the baggage claim area and was immediately accosted, well, it was more a full-on tackle, by what could only be his mom. She was obviously ecstatic with joy and refused to release her bear hug on him. It was heartening to watch them leave the terminal (both in tears of happiness). As I lost sight of them she was still clinging to him as if he might somehow disappear. It was my first real opportunity to witness what most likely was a reunion of a military family member returning home from overseas deployment.

To those who have friends and family in the military or have lost a loved one through that association, I pray for Peace for you throughout this season. You along with your loved ones serving in the far flung reaches of the world, sacrifice more than most of us experience in a lifetime.