In the deepest levels of a man’s heart is a desire to establish an enduring legacy. One that even unbeknownst to him, has the capacity to become bigger than the sum total of his efforts.

A good friend of mine recently had the opportunity and privilege to meet a few of the surviving members from the legendary World War II Red Tails Fighter Squadron; The Tuskegee Airmen. He showed up on my doorstep and generated the highlight of my day by the bestowing of gifts. These included an original all-leather Tuskegee cap and an autographed t-shirt, by the aforementioned original crew members.

Now I am not a “groupie / starstruck” kind of guy, but the immense respect and awe that I have for those Tuskegee pilots, is of considerable magnitude. These men who against fantastically insurmountable odds, forged highly indelible trails during one of America’s most difficult social and political eras; at least as far as African-Americans in the American military during World War II were concerned.

I know it is just a cap and a t-shirt; but they help to engrave memories of the dedication and sacrifice that embodied these men who rallied for their country, even if their country at first did not readily do the same for them.