Rebekah on her Wedding Day
Rebekah's University Convocation
La Famille a.k.a. The Crew

 Mi’Kmaq Assembly of First Nations * Canada (Acadian French) 
Jamaica * Africa * Scotland

These cultural signatures encompass our family of 5, plus one. Why the distinction? Our youngest son Isaac, (second photo down on the right) passed away at age 21 months in 1998. Through that trial-by-fire we have become more attuned to what is valuable in life. This also led us to facilitate a local bereavement support group for those who have had similar losses in their lives.

The characteristics and personality traits of the young’uns allow our home to be for the most part, always filled with laughter; well, whenever all three happen to be home at the same time. In years past, that was something that their youngest brother used to revel in, even at his early age. Our other three children are now out on their own, ushering in the future, each with their own  unique brand of creativity.

My wife, embedded with passionate Acadian French blood-lines, provides the centerpiece of balance that our home thrives on. I am beyond blessed to have such a wise and loving companion.

, a.k.a. Le Pooch; left us on Dec 5th 2009 after almost ten years of fun and frolic in our home. He is missed, but still inhabits an integral part of our hearts. We recently have been graced with Libi, who has wasted no time in establishing her preeminence, prominence and position, replete with a cuteness quotient that is somewhat off the charts.

Finally there is moi; current motorcyclist and ex-pilot, (leather and jet fuel make a perfect ensemble). A husband & dad-in-training (still, after 29 years), and hopefully a person who is wiser than he was yesterday, but still innocent enough to take risks when attempting to fully enjoy and appreciate The Gift of Life.

Moi - Summer 2014 Motorcycling
Mr. Laughter / Isaac
Naomi's University Convocation
The Mr. and Mrs. with Ethan

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