Words can be many or few, when attempting to describe a life journey. Each person’s journey is unique, yet diverse qualities in each individual allows for a vibrant bond of humanity to be shared. This commonality shows that the human chain is only as strong as its weakest link, but at the same time, allowing us to be greater than the sum of our total parts.

That is true also for covenants of the heart. Risky endeavours to be sure. We do not naturally lend ourselves to being vulnerable. When we do, we in essence are giving others a level of power over us. What they do with that power will directly affect our emotional, physical and spiritual equilibrium; for good or ill.

Do the advantages outweigh the inherent (some would say inevitable) risks? By looking at this from another angle, it could be stated that there is no advantage gained at all if no risk were ever taken. The question then is, are we willing to mitigate being hurt at the expense of missing out on the thrill of being vulnerable. Yes, thrill. That word conjures up all kinds of elemental thoughts. Thrill seekers live on the outside edge of vulnerability. No risk taken; no thrill acquired. After all, why seek something that is not thrilling? Yes, you can live to be safe, but one can justifiably argue, that is not living at all.

I have had many opportunities to live life to the fullest. Some I have seized, some I have missed, others I have ignored. But one that greatly defines who I am as a person, has been selflessly offered to me every day for the last 20 years. Through those shared moments in time with my soul-mate, I have learned that thrill-seeking quests can either stop or start your heart. Some are painful; many are rapturous, but all are necessary to not only experience the journey, but to complete it. Many miles have been covered along this journey; hopefully together, many more are yet to be discovered.

To Michele My Sweetheart ~ Happy Anniversary!!