As I acknowledge another chronological blip in my time stream, I recall my cheekily annotated missive approximately one year ago, regaling on a few cosmic quirks pertaining to the passage of time. It subtly revealed my seminal rush beyond the half century mark. Some may deem that a rite of passage, and so I have to be careful not to treat such achievements lightly. I am very appreciative of the years that I have been afforded thus far. Now I am beginning to sense within, a subtle dynamic tension. Kind of a mixture of curiosity + edginess + anticipation. All for the good of course.

There are a few things that come to mind that may or may not have bearing on these nebulous feelings; such as the comparative analysis of where I was physically, emotionally and spiritually years ago as a younger version of myself. Back then, on the physical side of things, I did not care as much as I do now. I had the audacious conceit of youth to thank for that oversight. When your 20 year old sprint-enabled, swim-churning metabolism burns through the questionable fodder that it fed on; (usually without conscious thought being applied to what was being ingested), one tended not to worry about the eventual aftermath years down the road. At this stage of my life, wisdom, which at times was shunned by the arrogance of a younger mind, has now taken its revenge, and established preeminence.

I not only want to bring balance to my health, but intrinsically need to do so. My original plan was to take up jogging/running/walking fast again. Anything requiring motive force. Having recently discovered a latent injury from my days of competitive Shito-Ryu Karate, that is on the back burner for the moment. That basically leaves swimming, which is said to facilitate a very good all-round package as far as providing cardiovascular and muscle tone improvement. We shall see if innate desire is strong enough to overcome old established sedentary habits.

Strangely, one thing I have not really done in the past is thank the initiators of my birth – my parents. If not for them, I would not be taking up my current 3.9 cubic feet of volumetric space. That figure is so much more palatable than pounds. I will leave the conversion to those so interested. It is because of them I have had the pleasure to celebrate 53 seasons on terra-firma. I find that humbling and very special. Thanks Mom & Dad 🙂

As a counterpoint to my aforementioned entrance into earth’s physical realm, here are a few things of historical note that transpired on this day, Sep 5th. Some are interesting; some rather random, while others are definitively poignant. For me they all provide the impetus to not take people, time, or life for granted; or myself too seriously. 🙂

Psalm 139:14 – I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Sep 5th Historical Events
3114 BC – According to the proleptic Julian calendar the current era in the Maya Long Count Calendar started.
1628 – Puritans from Masschusetts Bay Colony land at Salem
1666 – Great Fire of London ends, leaving 13,200 houses destroyed and 8 dead
1698 – Russian Tsar Peter the Great imposes a tax on beards
1750 – Decree issued in Paderborn Prussia allows for annual search of all Jewish homes for stolen or “doubtful” goods

1839 – The First Opium War begins in China.
1839 – Cherokee Nation forms
1839 – Great fire in New York
1848 – National Black Convention meets in Cleveland
1866 – Frederick Douglass is 1st US black delegate to a national convention
1877 – Southern blacks led by Pap Singleton settle in Kansas
1879 – George Washington De Long, American Arctic Explorer, and commander on board the Jeannette, becomes trapped with his crew in pack ice during his attempt to reach the North Pole

1885 – 1st gasoline pump is delivered to a gasoline dealer (Ft Wayne, Ind)
1901 – National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues forms
1903 – Start of Sherlock Holmes “Adventure of Creeping Man” (BG)
1909 – Word received that Admiral Peary discovers North Pole 5 months earlier
1910 – Saskatchewan (then Regina) Roughrider football club formed
1914 – US President Wilson orders the US Navy to make its wireless stations accessible for any transatlantic communications – even to German diplomats sending coded messages; this will lead to the interception of the Zimmermann telegram, helping to bring the US into the war

1914 – Proclamation prohibits Canadian mint from issuing gold coins
1941 – All Jews over age 6 in German territories ordered to wear a star
1941 – Jews of Vilna Poland confined to their ghetto
1942 – British & US bomb Le Havre & Bremen
1944 – “Mad Tuesday” 65,000 Dutch nazi collaborators flee to Germany
1952 – Canadian TV begins in Montreal
1958 – “Doctor Zhivago” by Boris Pasternak published in US
1958 – 1st color video recording on magnetic tape presented, Charlotte, NC
1961 – JFK begins underground nuclear testing

1961 – President Kennedy signs law against hijacking (death penalty)
1972 – 11 Israeli athletes taken hostage and later killed by Palestinian Black September group at the Munich Olympics
1979 – Canada puts its first gold bullion coin on sale
1991 – Nelson Mandela chosen as president of African National Congress

Sep 5th Birthdays
1187 – Louis VIII, [Coeur-de-Lion] king of France (1223-26)
1567 – Date Masamune, Renowned Samurai and Daimyo in Japan (d. 1636)
1729 – Mozes Mendelssohn, German englightened philosopher (Haksalah)
1735 – Johann Christian Bach (English Bach), composer, 11th son of Johann Sebastian Bach
1847 – Jesse James, Missouri, outlaw, son of a clergyman, (d. 1882)
1876 – John J R Macleod, Scottish/Canadian physiologist (Nobel 1923)
1888 – Joseph P Kennedy, Boston Mass, diplomat, father of JFK, RFK & Teddy
1929 – Bob Newhart, Oak Park Ill, comedian (Bob Newhart Show, Newhart)
1935 – Mikhail Ivanovich Lisun, Russia, cosmonaut
1940 – Raquel Welch, Chicago Illinois, (Myra Breckenridge, 1,000,000 BC, 100 Rifles)
1951 – Michael Keaton, Pitts Pa, actor (Gung Ho, Batman, Beetlejuice)

Front Page Image Source: University of Idaho Alkira-Kiuma Ceremony or the Tossing Ceremony of the Aranda Tribe (1904). At age twelve, the boy’s first initiation ceremony, tossed and caught by various male relatives.