I have been contemplating for some time now, a deeper exploration of my love of writing. For my first (and so far only) project, I will be attempting to write a novel. I have chosen Historical Fiction as the genre for my first foray into authorship. In hindsight, this choice may prove somewhat daunting, given the amount of research that will likely be needed. But nevertheless, I intend to see it through.

The working title is Sicarii: Blood Shadow.

The protagonist’s name is Tovi Ben Zani; a Sacarii. They were 1st century assassins that likely formed the extremist splinter group of the Jewish Zealots, who attempted to expel the Romans and their partisans from Judea. They were known for their preferred tool of the trade, the Sicae; a curved dagger, which was used in their assassinations.

Think Biblical Ninjas.

Here is an excerpt of what I am attempting to do. Typos, grammatical errors and any real or perceived bad sentence structure are entirely my own.

Time Frame: 33 A.D.
Location: Jerusalem – Outside the Temple Court Collonade
Dramatis Personae: Tovi ben Zani: Assassin // Caiphas: Temple High Priest

“So, do we have an understanding?” asked Caiaphas

Tovi looked piercingly into the eyes of the Chief Priest, and not for the first time did he wonder, what would drive a supposedly godly man to go to such divisive and extreme lengths. Personally, he did not trust any of the religious rabble; especially religious leaders claiming to hear from God for the people. They were ever deluded with their sense of superiority. He saw their true nature; like pus oozing from a leper’s sores.

“ Just so we are clear on this. You do realize what you are asking?” replied Tovi. “This  is irrevocable; there will be no turning back. I do not know what kind of arrangement you have made with the devil, but if I were you, I would be very careful. You may well get more than you are bargaining for.”

Caiaphas’ cheeks flushed hot with barely suppressed anger. This fool has no idea who he is dealing with!

“You mother of a dog! Uncircumcised heathen! How dare you?’ he sputtered. “Who are you to tell me how to conduct my affairs? All you have to know is the who, the where and the when. Do not presume to know my mind in these, or any other matter above your station. Your soul is bound for Sheol for all eternity, and the only pittance of solace you have will be your short, miserable span of life here on earth!

Tovi held no illusions about his own soul. In fact he was fairly certain he was devoid of one. As for him not being circumcised, well, if anyone wanted to have sharp objects anywhere near their nether regions, they were idiots. He had no time for any God requiring the mutilation of his putz. So, given who he was dealing with, he was more amused than offended by the Pharisee’s outburst.

“Save your tirades for someone who cares. I hold no fear of you or the hereafter. I live in the here and now, so save your self-righteous spewing for those who fail to see you for who and what you truly are.”

The assassin leaned in closer to the High Priest and was gratified to see a hint of fear glaze across the priest’s eyes as he was forced to step back.

“I will accept the contract and save your precious hands from becoming dirty,” Tovi said in a low voice. “But know this old man, whether you agree with me or not; there is a day of reckoning coming. One that even you cannot ignore. Mark my words.

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