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Time Bandit

I am approximately 4.37 years old.

I have no responsibilities. I am fed, washed and clothed regularly. I do not need to work, go to school or pay taxes. Girls and all of their mysterious contradictions, are still beyond my radar interception range. I owe no one anything and …

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Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Our bodies are also built to express diverse form and function, but we have also transformed them into temples of self-worship. We work out to acquire the sculpted look that modern society defines as aesthetically pleasing and socially acceptable.

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The Real Deal

Noah, Abraham & Moses: a drunk; a liar & a murderer. Now add in cannibalism, witchcraft, torture, rape, & erotic sex

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Course Adjustment

On any long flight there will be inevitable course adjustments. Some you plan for, while others, due to unexpected meteorological phenomenon, require immediate attention.

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