In the words of the inimitable Captain Jack Sparrow the pirate…”I am havin’ a thought!”

The thought being that it is always prudent to pay attention to your surroundings at all times. Case in point. I went for a run a couple of days ago. Ok, it was a jog…well, let’s just call it an involuntary stress test and be done with it.

In any case I went out to get some long overdue exercise and just happened to stop on one of the walking trails in order to catch (or even find) my breath. I discerned a sort of raspy hissing sound very shortly after I had stopped. At first I thought it was just me wheezing and blowing for lack of oxygen, but unknown to me at the time, I had stopped right beside a family of Canadian Geese strolling beside the very path I was on.

After staring at each other for a few seconds, Old Mother Goose had decided that I was altogether too close to her and her brood  of goslins. When it became evident that I was not extricating myself from her personal space with sufficient alacrity, she decided to invest some incentive into my misguided training regimen.

Now I consider myself a fairly rational and well balanced individual, but when twenty pounds of agitated beak and feathers comes charging at you in the blink of an eye, all delusions of decorum instantly vanish. I heard myself squawking louder than the attacking avian projectile and discovered that my previously tired legs had already decided to put as much distance between myself and the rapidly approaching beak!

Satisfied that I no longer posed any threat to her family, Mother Goose adjusted her attack profile and saved me from any further embarassment; which if truth be told was in direct proportion to the wheezing and blowing that had eradicated my previous state of decorum in the first place.

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