For the most part, I consider myself a man of modest means.

I also sense that I am a man who has been given much. Certainly not by any outstanding endeavour on my part; but through the opportunity of being the humble recipient of that which is supremely precious.

It did not come wrapped in fancy paper, nor is it tied with an ornate bow. It has no seasonal requirement as to when it is to be enjoyed. Christmas does not provide it with any more importance or esteem, as compared to being in the middle of July. Winter or Spring, Summer or Fall makes no difference.

Boundaries are established, yet it is not restrictive, for it is a safe and fertile place which allows full latitude for freedom of expression and enjoyment to grow. Within that sphere of expression comes the realization over time, of not only who you are as a person, but who you can become. Dare I say it; who you were meant to be.

There is no guarantee of lack of pain or distress. What is intrinsic is the provision of a secure Foundation on which to stand when the inevitable storms of life appear. This in turn allows the opportunity to bend with the winds’ turmoil, but remain rooted and steadfast. The subtle irony in this unifying exchange, is the inherent provision of depth and purpose.

I at times wonder that this precious privilege is unwarranted, but I am then reminded of the fact that I walk in a position of unmerited favour. The position of Grace.

What have I received that is most precious to me?

My God. My Wife. My Children.

To my son who would have been 13 years old today…..Happy Birthday Sweet One. You are desperately missed but we will all be together again as a family.