Canada woke up this morning to the news of a brand new elected majority Federal Government and that the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Team won a crucial post season game in their hunt for the World Series title.

In more life-defining news, rumour has it (actually it has been trumpeted from the digital mountain tops by my daughter) that I too won an electoral seat….by acclamation no less. Apparently I am now a card carrying member of the G-Parent platform, which is scheduled to be ratified at an appointed place and time in May 2016.

Now that this information is now out in the wilds, please note that I am still the same person I was before the aforementioned declaration came to light. Or so my 54 year old mind is desperately attempting to believe. One does not plan on becoming a Grandparent; certainly not in the same way one planned on first becoming a parent. Maybe that is why there is always a slight synaptic lag between hearing the news and having your once cogent mind, actually register and accept the reality that your progeny have now taken up the mantle of progenitors. But that is a good thing. It gives your brain a chance to catch up and regain some semblance of control of the stupefying, lopsided grin that suddenly appeared on your face.

It is an awe-inspiring experience to witness history as it happens. While history rarely (if ever) unfolds in an orderly predetermined manner, regardless of mankind’s inelegant attempts to the contrary; it is never without impact. The gestational reality of being integrated into a multi-faceted ancestral line is now established for the little one under development. We eagerly await the chance to be a part of the full potential and sphere of influence this new life will demonstrate.

Actually, that has already begun; just as Canada has chosen a new path for itself through the influence of its people, so too this new life has begun to resonate the fabric of a loving family and a waiting country.