Still locked in the middle of a Canadian winter and wishing for warm weather to go riding in, I ventured forth into the garage to take some photos for a friend who is willing to help restore the ride back to its original pristine condition. For those not already in the know the photos show the damage that was sustained when the bike slid out from under me at the end of the riding season last year. Here be the story.

5C and sunshine looked good to me at the time. (yes for those residing south of Cuba, I know that statement is open to interpretation). Totally forgot that cold tires + cold asphalt + paint strips on the road does not allow for standard turns around corners.

What did transpire from this ignominious experience were:

1. Busted front brake lever
2. Bent rear brake pedal
2, Busted right turn indicator
4. Bent right side mirror
4. Damaged right fairing
6. Oh…almost forgot – banged up right knee.

So…what was it like to entertain traffic at an intersection from a horizontal position? Personally, I was more concerned about the bike. Picked myself up, looked behind to see what, if anything may have caused the bike to slide out from under me. Road was dry; no sand; speed 15-20km/h around the turn. Picked up the bike and then noticed the debris from my bike. Smashed pieces of plastic and metal all around. It was not until after I returned home that I figured out what the likely cause was for the accident.

So morals and lessons learned; be aware of the road temperatures. It may be 5, 6, or even 8 degrees out, but if the asphalt has been cold soaked overnight and your tires have not run long enough to warm up to provide good grip, then take it easy…even normal slow turns. Oh, be aware of the painted lines on the road too.

Usually, when under circumstances that cause damage to things I value, there is most often an immediate build up of emotion just waiting to lash out…usually at myself, for being so stupid, idiotic, dense…well you get the idea. None of that this time though. Yes, I was disappointed in having the bike damaged, but I did not hit anyone and more importantly no one hit me.

A bike can be fixed and if not, another can be purchased. For obvious reasons, just not right now.

Still hope one day to upgrade to the new two-wheeled zone of comfort – the 6 cylinder BMW K1600GTL. I keep telling myself that the wife expects certain minimum standards to be adhered to. 🙂