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Melanin’s Opus: Skin

We up in Canada have to be extremely careful to avoid complacency or smugness, as we watch our neighbours to the south, deal with what is to many down there an inordinate escalation of history being repeated.

Passion & Freedom

In times past and in another era when I was flush with testosterone, and with little guidance as to what to do with such a virulent chemical coursing through my veins, I somehow convinced the Government of Canada to legally certify me to strap on thousands of pounds of metal, rubber and aviation gasoline at will, and then bodaciously launch said contraption skyward in defiance of gravity.

Heels & Other Hindsights

When I try to convince myself that I am fit enough to sprint at will, I conveniently forget that in order for muscle and sinew to work in harmonious rhythm, they should always be prepared well in advance to accommodate misplaced delusions of youthful vigour.

Flux State

Stafford Edwards

Finding any excuse to be on frozen water. It's a #Canadian thing! #Ottawa #Winterlude @ Rideau… ln.is/www.instagram.…

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