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Melanin’s Opus: Skin

We up in Canada have to be extremely careful to avoid complacency or smugness, as we watch our neighbours to the south, deal with what is to many down there, an inordinate escalation of history being repeated.

Sands of Time

Moses had issues. Yes that Moses. The very same military trained, Egyptian-murdering, desert-wandering, interracial-marrying, sheep-herding, plague-announcing, nation-delivering, sea-parting Moses...

The Crew

State of Flux (Twitter)

Jon Gordon

Don’t be a networker. Instead: 1. Add value to people’s lives. 2. Lead with love, not an agenda. 3. Find ways to serve. 4. Show you care. 5. Encourage others. 6. Look to give instead of receive. 7. Connect people.

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