Crossing Thresholds

So…my manuscript is complete and is now entering the final stages leading to full publication.

I must have blinked because 25% of 2021 has now unequivocally moved beyond my reach.  For those who have been following along on this convoluted journey of mine, my humblest apologies; I fully intend to redeem myself.

Since I last wrote, I have transitioned from my initial publisher and concluded negotiations with another. While it has been a strange, surreal, and challenging time, including adjusting to the exhaustive (but necessary) public health guidelines here in Canada, nevertheless, since my completed manuscript is now in the hands of my new publisher, my hope is to have it published before year's end.

For some, anything which looks indistinct or amorphous because of its seeming far-off destination, may look or feel inaccessible. But just like viewing a mirage, judging actual distances can be deceiving. So instead, why not concentrate on what is immediately focused directly in front? Doing so would allow for pacing yourself with measured steps, which in turn would enable the acquisition of short-range clarity while progressing toward that elusive distant horizon.

Many have been challenged over the intervening months of the current global pandemic, endeavouring to cross their own personal Sahara Desert; all in an effort to get to an oasis of relief, restoration and refreshment; desperately needing to have their parched souls watered and renewed.

Your journey over this past season may not have started out sufficiently equipped to handle elements you did not choose or expect to walk through, but just as seasoned travelers have discovered, sharing the load can ease the burden. And for those who currently find themselves traveling alone, may you be encouraged nonetheless. The record and value of your journey also needs to be acknowledged and you are no less important. Please know you are seen.

Proverbs 13:12 (NIV): Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life